jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

29 Faces - day 24

Ya te dije que ahora mismo te pondría la cara de hoy! Pero sé que en ese breve momento sin mi me has echo mucho de menos...o eso quiero pensar...Bueno, estoy otra vez con Modigliani  (o es que prefieres Leonardo? Cómo? Que dices? Que...Ninguno de los dos si lo pinto yo???! ...Haré como si no lo hubiera oído, querido tú) así que tendrás que ser tolerante conmigo porque lo de la técnica no la controlo bien. Cómo que se nota???!!!!

I told you I´d be right back with today´s face! But I know that during that brief moment without me, you missed me a lot...at least that´s what I want to believe...Well, once more I am with Modigliani (or do you prefer Leonardo? Pardon? What did you say? That...none of them if I am the one painting???! I´ll do as if I didn´t hear that, dear you) so, you´ll have to bear with me because I don´t master the technique. What do you mean it´s obvious????!!!!

Pintura acrílica en mi art journal / Acrylic paint in my art journal

3 comentarios:

  1. what a beautiful job on her, she is my favorite to try to draw and paint

    1. Thank you Jackie. She gave me a hard time. I still don´t really know how to blend colours nicely and smoothly on the page/canvas whatever surface so, even if I´m not totally satisfied with it, it was a good painting exercice. Thanks for commenting and thanks for giving me the idea about Modigliani :-)

  2. She is just wonderful. I love your variety of style.