lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

29 Faces - day 28

Buenos días querido tú. Ya estás llegando al final de tu sufrimiento. Mañana se termina el challenge y ya no tendrás que aguantar mis dibujitos a diario. Sin embargo - ya sabes que siempre hay un "pero" - todavía no está terminado por lo que aquí te pongo la cara de hoy! Está hecho a lápiz en mi Moleskine. Nada más por hoy, los lunes son días de locos para mí.

Hello dear you. You´re getting to the end of your ordeal. Tomorrow´s the end of the challenge and you won´t have to bear my lil´drawings every day. However - you know well that there´s always a "but" somewhere - it´s not over yet so here´s today´s face. It´s a pencil drawing made in my Moleskine. Nothing else for today, Mondays are crazy days for mi.

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Thank you Sonja! At some point I may try to paint it, I am curious to see how it would be with colours, but I´m not sure yet...

  2. I like the house/hat! I hope to see it painted.
    Thanks you for participating in the challenge!!

  3. bien hecho por completar el desafío. sus pinturas son encantadoras

    well done on the completion of the challenge. i like your faces. If you are unsure about colouring this one, you could photocopy it and colour the copy so you still have the original. i did thst with one of mine.

    1. Choka, muchas gracias! Sorry I did not get back, I´ve only just seen your message, don´t understand how I missed it! I will certainly try that method too, had used it for 2 of the faces and I think I´ll have a go with this drawing. Thank you again for your nice comment and for the tip.

  4. Coucou Nacima,

    On se connait de la communauté Milliande :)

    J'adore ton art, vraiment superbe, dans la généralité de tes créations.
    Et ce dessin au graphite est magnifique et j'aime le côté surréaliste.

    Vraiment tu as un grand talent. Bonne Continuation.

    ada :)

    1. Coucou Adalhaid,

      Bien sûr que l on se connait! Alors là, merci beaucoup, beaucoup pour ton commentaire. Je suis une fan de TON art et venant de toi,tes compliments ont boosté mon orgueil, hihihi. Merci encore pour tes compliments.