sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

29 Faces - day 5

Buenas tardes,querido tú! Hoy es otro de estos días cuando corres por todas partes como una gallina sin cabeza (no lo busques, es una expresión de mi madre y, además, ella lo dice en cabilio, con lo cual, te he puesto la traducción literal que encuentro graciosa) y por lo tanto, la entrada de hoy va a ser cortita (no te acostumbres mucho, he!). En fin, antes de volver a salir, te pongo la foto del challenge: un sketch al lápiz, no terminado. Hasta mañana, querido tú y, espero que donde estés, hay un poco más de sol que aquí.

Good afternoon, dear you! Today is one of these days when you keep running everywhere like a headless hen (don´t bother trying to understand, it´s an expression created by my mother, who usually says it in Kabyle - do you say it like this in English??-  and I´ve put you a litteral translation; I find it quite funny), so, today´s post is going to be short (but don´t get used to it, hey!). Well, before rushing back out, here´s today´s picture for the challenge: a sketch in graphite pencil, unfinished. See you tomorrow and, wherever you are, hope you´re having a sunnier day than here.

6 comentarios:

  1. Rien à rajouter de plus que Cheryl d'Apple.
    J'ai hâte de découvrir les autres !!!
    Gros bisous ma soeur

  2. All your faces have been wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your faces are gorgeous! Just to let you know, your link over at Ayala's blog leads to a blank page. You might want to fix that. :)

  4. Hello Natasha and thank you very much for your comment. Also, thank you so much for mentionning the problem with my link. I went to check it and I haven´t had that problem. Indeed there´s a blank page appearing but then my page comes through and it happened with other links that I have tried. Is it possible that I don´t have that blank page issue with my blog because I checked that from my own computer? We´ll follow this, and thanks again for informing me. Really like your page by the way!